All India Rubber Industries Association

From the President's Desk

Kamal K Chowdhury
Kamal K. Chowdhury

Dear friends,

According to PWC examination “Future of India: The Winning Leap” – the sincere element is that India now stands on the cusp of critical change: a change that could actuate advantageous economic growth coordinated with radical overhauls in the nation's Human Development Index (HDI). Post GST Launch: Manufacturing PMI slumps to the lowest since 2009. The Nikkei India Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) stood at 47.9 in July, down from 50.9 in June, and featured the principal weakening in business conditions in 2017 so far.

Despite the obvious differentiation and dichotomy – regardless of whether genuine or deductive – we, the constituents of the Indian rubber industry, better cultivate our dynamism and proceed in ardent way. The present market is consumer driven. The customers fully control their purchasing venture. In such a situation, let me reiterate, our business objective and strategy is to:   go for sustainable growth and profitability, set priorities for the future, change over technique to execution, measure a large number of choices, enhance our advancement capacities, develop newer products, guarantee faster speed to showcase – on time and on target, and push ahead on all bearings.

We are indeed pleased that you are a member of AIRIA. Thank you very much. To remain on course of forward move, the Association strives to deliver value to the members.  Please do convey your useful proposals that you like us to consider and pursue.  In the present month of September our business agenda primarily includes “Rubber Dies and Moulds Expo”, Export Award Ceremony and Annual General Meeting.

Thanks to AIRIA Pune Chapter to facilitate the “Rubber Dies & Moulds Expo” (RDME in short) amid 13-14 September 2017 at Pune. Combined with front line specialized conference, RDME in its second version is a flexible show in India where distinctive verticals of the rubber industry assemble as exhibitors and prospects. Dies, moulds and tools form an integral part of the production process in almost every industry and are considered the mother industry for manufacturing. Its significance cannot go abegging. Being the dynamic constituents of the rubber industry, it's a win-win opportunity for you to partake for business thriving.

AIRIA will hold its 65th Annual General Meeting in this month at Mumbai. To you it is pointless to explain what is all about AGM of the Association - a mandatory function where certain processes must be completed and traditions upheld. 

AIRIA Export Awards – Recognising International Business: You are well aware the Association every year presents Export Awards to its constituents for export excellence during the preceding year based on applications made. The synchronous Export Award Ceremony is an additional fascination of AGM as usual. Advantages of winning export awards are many.  It is your increased credibility in the eyes of customers abroad, provides a strong boost to workplace pride and staff morale throughout the company, encouraging gains in productivity, and raises your profile in the local and international marketplace. Entering awards - no matter whether you win or not – is an invaluable process for you to analyse your strengths and weaknesses. I take the opportunity to praise ahead of time the members whose export excellence would be perceived for the honours.  For others the comfort in the expression of Abraham Lincoln is:  “Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.”  In any case, we welcome you all to the forthcoming AGM and the Export Award Ceremony of the Association.

Regards and best wishes!

(Kamal K. Chowdhury)